Monday, January 17, 2011

Allen Family & Little Carter

Introducing the Allen Family!! Congratulations on your new addition. Carter is a beautiful little boy. I am so thrilled for you to start this new adventure. Good Luck!! :) 

Justin & Stephanie: Wedding

As a little girl you picture your life just how it ought to be. Perfect. The biggest house. Best job. Amazing kids. A husband who adores your down to the smallest freckle. As you grow older dreams change and mold differently then ever imagined. 

An outline of a a man. A shadow of who I will share my life with. Who would it be. Blue eyes. Sense of humor. Tall. Short. Seventeen years of wondering when we would meet. Then a hot summer day in June you said "hi". 

I fell in love with you long ago. I will always remember that day. My knees trembled for the first time. We loved deeply. But somehow fell apart. Seven years of loving you in secret.  I had to tell you I loved you one last time. To my surprise you said it first. :) 

My life has been far from perfect. No house. No perfect job. No crazy kids running around. A husband? As of today, yes. Does he love me down to the smallest freckle? Always has.  

Justin have loved you for seven years. I want to share the top ten moments I fell in love with you.

1. The way you adore me, everyday. 
2. When I got sick on our first date. You took care of me. 
3. When we danced in the middle of the night under the stars, to no music but our own. 
4. You asked me to prom, with more roses then I could count. 
5. Romantic music played as you twirled me on to a balcony, whispering the words into my ear. You kissed me and it started to snow (I knew you were the one). 
6. You told me you loved me after seven years of me wondering. Tears filled both our eyes. 
7. Singing "I'll make love to you" in the car to cheer me up. 
8. When we fell apart. You still supported me in my athletic competitions. I will never forget. 
9. The day you told me I saved you. 
10. When you got down on one knee, and asked that crucial question. 

My answer has always been and will always be yes, Justin. Yes to spend the rest of my life with you. Yes to having tons of crazy, screaming kids. Yes to follow our dreams together where ever they may take us. 

Bear River Swim Team 2010

Announcing the Bear River Swim Team for 2010! Good luck and Region and State everyone!