Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stephanie and Dominic | Engagements

I met Stephanie, surprisingly, at a Norwex Party between a mutual friend. Her fiance had just proposed and she was ecstatic (love seeing the excitement in their whole demeanor)! I chatted weddings with her and of course cleaning supplies, she took my card and that was the last I saw her. 

Until...Stephanie called a few months later and here we are. 

Dominic and Stephanie met met through work and they have been together ever since. I loved shooting this couple. They have so much love and laughter together. I can not wait to shoot their wedding in October! 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fillerup Family

As we grow into our adult lives our careers, goals and friends change.  As I embarked on my Mary Kay adventure I made friends with an amazing women and leader. Reyna. 

Reyna has inspired my life in more ways then I could describe and I am sure she is completely unaware. Her empowerment, drive and heart will touch many others and all I can say is thank  you. Thank you for pushing me, creating a bigger picture, the late nights, the many glasses of wine and above all your wonderful friendship. 

We adore you and your beautiful family!!