Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Year

As I sit down and evaluate the last year I realized so much happened that I never dreamed could. Justin and I embraced our first year of marriage (if that was supposedly the hardest year of all, I want 50 more of them! Love you Justin), I started a Mary Kay business, flew to Dallas for a conference, Justin started school and my photography blossomed. We have personally grown to an extent I hadn't thought possible. We are so blessed. 

So what made last year better then others? I truly believe it's because I sat down and looked at what I wanted in life. A happy home, a working business and financial freedom. For the first time I wrote short and long term goals to help my family achieve our dreams. 

Some goals for this year include personal, business and financial, for example

1. Wear my retainer every night (I am terrible at this)
2. Lose 20 lbs and eat healthier
3. Relax on a week long vacation, just Justin and I :) 
4. Be a better wife

Obviously, I couldn't list all my goals, it would take days to explain them all. To help me stay focused on the large goals I am going to create a goal poster (complete with deadlines and photos). This will allow me to view my goals written out and in picture every day and continue to work towards them. 

I hope this helps give some of you ideas/courage to create you own posters and accomplish your dreams. Happy goal making and good luck!! ;) 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

McDermeit Family | Utah Family Photographer

On New Years Eve my in-laws got together and of course we had to take pictures! I absolutely love my husbands family and couldn't ask for a better group of individuals :) I love you all.